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A Balloon & Flower Services - Atlanta


Special Events

We Can Make Your Event One To Remember

Decorating Ideas:

  • Created with Latex, Foil, and MagicArch™ Balloons
  • Please take a look at our Balloon Gallery with a few of our Special Event Decorating Ideas that will make your event Spectacular!
  • Balloon Event Décor for: Dance Floors, Entrance, Stage, Picnics, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Proms, Weddings, Grand Openings, Holidays, and all the Special Events in Life.

Balloon Arches:

  • Spiral Cluster Balloon Arches:
  • Strand of Pearls:
  • MagicArch™ Foil

Balloon Columns:

  • Helium filled floating
  • Air filled- When Decor needs to last longer than 1 day.

Balloon Clusters:




Balloon Drops & Releases:



  • Dining Tables
  • Meeting Decor
  • Buffet
  • Reception and Gift Tables

Balloon Sculptures:

  • Logos:
  • Characters:
  • Pirate, Unicorn
  • Your idea - we’ll create:
  • Letters and Numbers


From the time you meet to your 50th Anniversary and every event in between, balloons will express your thoughts and create memories.

A few creative Romantic ideas:

  • I’m interested, will you go out with me.
  • Thank you for last night.
  • Will you go out with me again.
  • Will you marry me.
  • Bridal Showers.
  • Bachelor Parties.
  • Rehearsal Bouquets.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Weddings: Decorate the Church and Reception areas with elegant, pearlized balloons.
  • Fill the bridal couple's car with balloons.
  • Release biodegradable balloons as the happy couple leaves (great for pictures) or shower them with Fresh Rose Petals as they leave.
  • Complete Wedding Packages are available.
  • Holidays Decorations:

    • Balloon Sculptures, Arches, Garlands, Gifts